Julian Lozano | UI Designer

Smart Bandage™

User Interface / User Experience / Art Direction


In an unfortunate series of events, I was in an accident where one of my hands was burned by cooking oil. The healing process required redundant daily treatment for several months, however there is was no way to monitor if the burn wound was actually healing. In response, I created the SmartBandage concept. It's an advanced monitoring first aid, utilizing electrodermal response technology. It helps monitor bacteria levels and provides healing durations. 



I wanted to created a seamless experience for patients to navigate, especially when dealing with an urgent situation. Patients will be able to select the type of wound, then pinpointing it's exact location for record purposes. The Smart Bandage will then be paired with the mobile device. 


After pairing the Smart Bandage, the mobile app will then detect it's current hygiene state and will estimate the healing durations. It will also recommend the most appropriate treatment for the type of wound.


Incase of multiple wounds, a dashboard keeps track of all currently paired bandages. Wounds have three levels of bacteria: Clean, contaminated, and infected. A wound that is infected should receive immediate treatment and doctor care is available when requested.