Julian Lozano | UI Designer


User Experience / User Interface / Branding / Art Direction.


REFLEX™ is an app that utilizes gps, drone and bluetooth technology in addition to a GoPro camera to automatically capture aerial footage of action sports athletes. The app is designed have a telemetry monitoring system, functional editing interface and integrated opportunity for sharing videos via in- app social network and external networks. I was honored to have collaborated with my classmate, Abram Goglanian


Set the angle of the drone's camera, click record, and the drone will follow. Reflex can still be assessable while recording, a second user (camera man) can use the video game inspired panning control, this enables for amazing angular shots. 


Reflex allows users to look through their footage and analyze their performance. Users can interact and comment on exact points in their performance through the frame by frame view, this leads to major improvements to the athletes. 


Andas provides users with an easy to follow breathing exercise timer. Either users can select from the pre-built exercises or they can customize their own tempo.