Julian Lozano | UI Designer


Packaging / Branding / Art Direction


The ENVISION™s a new product line by BEHR® that offers limited edition colors inspired by the Constructivism art movement. With origins in Russia, it rejected the idea of the traditional artistic concern with composition, and replace it with “construction.” Instead it favored art as a careful technical analysis of modern materials, and it was hoped that this investigation would eventually yield ideas that could be put to use in mass production, serving the ends of a new modern society and new home. 


Traditional constructivism slanted geometric shapes served as the main inspiration for the overall design. Maintaining the consistency through out each component was the challenging part.


I gave each color watch a name that corresponded with the ideology of Communism, one that is easily memorable and understandable. 


While I did have plenty of creative freedom, there are still some restrictions to be followed. It is critical to include paint information on the label such as how much is in the container, is it interior or exterior?