Julian Lozano | UI Designer


User Experience / User Interface / Branding / Art Direction.


Bulletin™ helps student stay ahead of their schedule. It serves as a personal guide through college. As the need for higher education surges, it is more important than ever to provide students with tools they need to succeed. Bulletin™ let's students to customized the mobile experience that allow professors and counselors to spend more time helping students improve their specific academic achievement.


Important dates such as homework deadlines, exam days and lectures are automatically updated in the homepage. This helps students be more organized and stay on top of their schedule. Students can also look through past dates for history information. 


Each course dates have a detailed brief summary that also includes important attachments. The grade criteria informs students the amount of points possible and shows the grade percentage of the course. Students can also customize when they would like to receive reminders.


In Class view, students can find more information from the syllabus and future deadlines. Office hours, locations, and messages are also available to students.