Julian Lozano | UI Designer


User Experience / User Interface / Branding / Art Direction.


Anda™ is personal life coach app that allows users to get in contact with the most available life coach at anytime. One of the challenges was getting people not be intimidated by contacting a coach who essentially is a stranger. I wanted this product to be very welcoming and easy to use for users. 

See Invision Prototype


In my research, I found the most requested topics for coaches and included in the main homepage. From here users can toggle their appropriate topics so that they can get specific advice. 


When a call is finished, users are able to rate their coaches if they liked their advice or not, they can also add them for future purposes. This creates trust and is a very important aspect in life coaching.


The in-app breathing exercise is used to maintain meditated when times are getting stressful. Users have full control on customizing the duration of inhales, exhales, and holds. This will also be best used when users are awaiting for a life coach to be reached.